CUAA Update 09: Alumni Representation – A Rallying Call!

Peter Cooper once spoke to an early graduating class of The Cooper Union:

“In the course of a century there will, of course be a great number of graduates of the Cooper Union and the day will surely come when they, these graduates, will rally round this institution, and if the plans I have formed can be executed in no other way they will see they are carried out.”

Today, there are many changes in the school, and many changes in the Alumni Association. The Alumni Council needs your help, your advice, your energy. We need leaders, we need workers. Run for office. Nominate your fellows for office. These next upcoming years are a chance to steer the Alumni ship right. Your voice determines which way is right.

Open call for nominations. Yourself or any other alum.

Council Member * Nominating Committee * VP Alumni Activities * VP Faculty-Student Liaison * Secretary-Treasurer * Alumni Trustee * Alumni President

Volunteer or rally nominations to

Positions described on our new website:

Deadline: January 12, 2015