Alumni Profile: Irwin Gruverman ChE’54

Irwin J. Gruvermann ChE’54

Irv Gruverman’s career of over 60 years has been an unusual and productive synthesis of expertise in science and business. After rising to become executive vice president of DuPont’s New England Nuclear division, where he led innovations in the production and use of radiopharmaceuticals, he left DuPont to focus on his entrepreneurial interests. This second phase of his career included the founding of Microfluidics Corporation, which developed and commercialized equipment that continues to support nanoparticle and nano-emulsion applications using high-shear fluid processing. Irv also led a medical diagnostics investment fund and has used his experience and knowledge to foster technology innovation by serving as a board member or advisor to many companies.

Irv Gruverman is the recipient of the 2023 CUAA Gano Dunn Award. He will be inducted into the Cooper Union Hall of Fame on February 9, 2023.