Election 2019 Results

Executive Committee

Alumni Trustees:   (4 year term on BOT begins when rules of the BOT are met.  Term on CUAA Exec Council begins July 1, 2019)

Aftab Hussain
Elizabeth Graziolo

Aftab Hussain, ME 1997 and  Elizabeth Graziolo, AR 1995    

Margaret Matz

President:   Margaret Matz, AR 1983 (2 year term begins July 1, 2019)

All the officers listed below have 1 year terms that begin July 1 2019.

Mary K. Lynch

Secretary:   Mary K. Lynch ChE 1982

Daniel Burke

Treasurer:   Daniel Burke, ChE 1981   

Mark O’Grady

Vice President Faculty-Student Liaison: Mark O’Grady, A 1976

Kelly Occhiuzzo Zack

Vice President of Alumni Activities:   Kelly Occhiuzzo Zack A 1990

Kay Nordstrom

Nominating Committee Chair: Kay Nordstrom, ME 1977

Alumni Council

(serving July 2019 Through June 2022)

Mark A. Vasquez, ME 1988 Laura Spinner, A 1989 Mina Greenstein, A 1956 Anthony Manganiello, CE 2006 Nanwei Chen, CE 2013 Curtis B. Wayne, AR 1975 Genevieve Martin, A 2011 Robert Kudder, CE 1967 Henry Chapman, A 2010 Mersiha Veledar, AR 2003 Scott Wilson, A 1976 Dennis Kong, IDE 2008

 Alternates: Sim Blaustein, ME 1999 M’Liz Keefe, A 1985 Josiah Ellis, A 2015

Nominating Committee

 (serving July 2019 Through June 2020)

Kay Nordstrom, ME 1977 (Chair) Darrell Low, EE 1989 Laura Spinner, A 1989 Susan Shaw, A 1972 Daniel P. Burke, Esq., ChE 1981 Claudia Giordano, A 1976 Lily Zand, AR 1988 Scott Lyne, ChE 1992 Jennifer Collins, A 1993 James Liubicich, ChE 1983